RS ASTM D130-19
Standard Test Method for Corrosiveness to Copper from Petroleum Products by Copper Strip Test


1.1 This test method covers the determination of the corrosiveness to copper of aviation gasoline, aviation turbine fuel,
automotive gasoline, cleaners (Stoddard) solvent, kerosine,
diesel fuel, distillate fuel oil, lubricating oil, and natural
gasoline or other hydrocarbons having a vapor pressure no
greater than 124 kPa (18 psi) at 37.8 °C. (Warning—Some
products, particularly natural gasoline, may have a much
higher vapor pressure than would normally be characteristic of
automotive or aviation gasolines. For this reason, exercise
extreme caution to ensure that the pressure vessel used in this
test method and containing natural gasoline or other products
of high vapor pressure is not placed in the 100 °C (212 °F)
bath. Samples having vapor pressures in excess of 124 kPa
(18 psi) may develop sufficient pressures at 100 °C to rupture
the pressure vessel. For any sample having a vapor pressure
above 124 kPa (18 psi), use Test Method D1838.)

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RS ASTM D130-19ADOPTED ASTM STANDARDSPetroleum and related technologies11Third Edition
Oct 2022
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