RS ASTM D1655-23a: 2023
Standard Specification for Aviation Turbine Fuels


1.1 This specification covers the use of purchasing agencies
in formulating specifications for purchases of aviation turbine
fuel under contract.
1.2 This specification defines the minimum property requirements for Jet A and Jet A-1 aviation turbine fuel and lists
acceptable additives for use in civil and military operated
engines and aircraft. Specification D1655 was developed
initially for civil applications, but has also been adopted for
military aircraft. Guidance information regarding the use of Jet
A and Jet A-1 in specialized applications is available in the
1.3 This specification can be used as a standard in describing the quality of aviation turbine fuel from production to the
aircraft. However, this specification does not define the quality
assurance testing and procedures necessary to ensure that fuel
in the distribution system continues to comply with this
specification after batch certification. Such procedures are
defined elsewhere, for example in ICAO 9977, EI/JIG Standard 1530, JIG 1, JIG 2, API 1543, API 1595, and ATA-103.
1.4 This specification does not include all fuels satisfactory
for aviation turbine engines. Certain equipment or conditions
of use may permit a wider, or require a narrower, range of
characteristics than is shown by this specification.
1.5 Aviation turbine fuels defined by this specification may
be used in other than turbine engines that are specifically
designed and certified for this fuel.
1.6 This specification no longer includes wide-cut aviation
turbine fuel (Jet B). FAA has issued a Special Airworthiness
Information Bulletin which now approves the use of Specification D6615 to replace Specification D1655 as the specification for Jet B and refers users to this standard for reference.
1.7 The values stated in SI units are to be regarded as
standard. However, other units of measurement are included in
this standard

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RS ASTM D1655-23a: 2023ADOPTED ASTM STANDARDSChemical technology25Under Review
Dec 2023
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