RS ASTM D396-21: 2021
Standard Specification for Fuel Oils


1.1 This specification (see Note 1) covers grades of fuel oil
intended for use in various types of fuel-oil-burning equipment
under various climatic and operating conditions. These grades
are described as follows:
1.1.1 Grades No. 1 S5000, No. 1 S500, No. 1 S15, No. 2
S5000, No. 2 S500, and No. 2 S15 are middle distillate fuels
for use in domestic and small industrial burners. Grades No. 1
S5000, No. 1 S500, and No. 1 S15 are particularly adapted to
vaporizing type burners or where storage conditions require
low pour point fuel.
1.1.2 Grades B6–B20 S5000, B6–B20 S500, and B6–B20
S15 are middle distillate fuel/biodiesel blends for use in
domestic and small industrial burners.
1.1.3 Grades No. 4 (Light) and No. 4 are heavy distillate
fuels or middle distillate/residual fuel blends used in
commercial/industrial burners equipped for this viscosity
1.1.4 Grades No. 5 (Light), No. 5 (Heavy), and No. 6 are
residual fuels of increasing viscosity and boiling range, used in
industrial burners. Preheating is usually required for handling
and proper atomization.
NOTE 1—For information on the significance of the terminology and
test methods used in this specification, see Appendix X1.
NOTE 2—A more detailed description of the grades of fuel oils is given
in X1.3.
1.2 This specification is for the use of purchasing agencies
in formulating specifications to be included in contracts for
purchases of fuel oils and for the guidance of consumers of fuel
oils in the selection of the grades most suitable for their needs.
1.3 Nothing in this specification shall preclude observance
of federal, state, or local regulations which can be more
1.4 The values stated in SI units are to be regarded as

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