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Thematic Area: environment. Health Protection. Safety
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RS EAS 1017-6: 2021Sanitary appliances (vitreous china) — Specification — Part 6: Flushing cisternEnvironment. Health protection. SafetyEAST AFRICAN STANDARDSRWF18,000View Details
RS ISO 9377-2: 2000Water quality — Determination of hydrocarbon oil index — Part 2: Method using solvent extraction and gas chromatographyEnvironment. Health protection. SafetyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF28,500View Details
RS ISO 8165-1: 1992Water quality ? Determination of selected monovalent phenolsEnvironment. Health protection. SafetyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF10,500View Details
RS ISO 5667-10: 2020Water quality — Sampling — Part 10: Guidance on sampling of waste waters.Environment. Health protection. SafetyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF67,500View Details
RS ISO 15089: 2000Water quality — Guidelines for selective immunoassays for the determination of plant treatment and pesticide agentsEnvironment. Health protection. SafetyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF21,000View Details
RS ISO 17378-2: 2014Water quality — Determination of arsenic — Atomic absorption spectrometric method (hydride technique)Environment. Health protection. SafetyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF33,000View Details
RS ISO 11732: 2005Water quality -- Determination of ammonium nitrogen — Method by flow analysis (CFA and FIA) and spectrometric detectionEnvironment. Health protection. SafetyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF27,000View Details
RS ISO 11423-1: 1997Water quality — Determination of benzene and some derivatives — Part 1: Head-space gas chromatographic methodEnvironment. Health protection. SafetyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF25,500View Details
RS ISO 11423-2: 1997Water quality — Determination of benzene and some derivatives Part 2: Method using extraction and gas chromatographyEnvironment. Health protection. SafetyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF31,500View Details
RS ISO 10530: 1992Water quality — Determination of dissolved sulphide — Photometric method using methyleneEnvironment. Health protection. SafetyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF13,500View Details
RS ISO 3165: 1976Sampling of chemical products for industrial use — Safety in samplingEnvironment. Health protection. SafetyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF9,000View Details
RS EAS 1047: 2022Air Quality — Vehicular exhaust emission limitsEnvironment. Health protection. SafetyEAST AFRICAN STANDARDSRWF21,000View Details
RS 353-7: 2022Water quality — Chemicals used for treatment of water intended for human consumption — Part 7: Polyaluminium chloride hydroxide and polyaluminium chloride hydroxide sulfateEnvironment. Health protection. SafetySTANDARDS OF RWANDA ORIGINRWF13,500View Details
RS ISO 4007: 2018Personal protective equipment — Eye and face protection — VocabularyEnvironment. Health protection. SafetyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF111,000View Details
RS ISO 17892-12:2018, AMD1: 2021Geotechnical investigation and testing — Laboratory testing of soil — Part 12: Determination of liquid and plastic limitsEnvironment. Health protection. SafetyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF40,500View Details
RS ISO 20344: 2021Personal protective equipment — Test methods for footwearEnvironment. Health protection. SafetyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF117,000View Details
RS ISO 14064-3: 2019Greenhouse gases — Part 3:Specification with guidance for the validation and verification of greenhouse gas assertionsEnvironment. Health protection. SafetyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF81,000View Details
RS ISO 14044: 2006Environmental management — Life cycle assessment — Requirements and guidelinesEnvironment. Health protection. SafetyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF73,500View Details
RS 236: 2021Acoustics — Noise Pollution — Tolerance limitsEnvironment. Health protection. SafetySTANDARDS OF RWANDA ORIGINRWF6,000View Details
RS ISO 30500: 2018Non-sewered sanitation systems — Prefabricated integrated treatment units — General safety and performance requirements for design and testingEnvironment. Health protection. SafetyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF133,500View Details
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